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To be a health freak is in. It’s not only the celebrities in the world of showbiz who desire a size zero, but just about everyone wants to look great and lead a healthy life. While spending sweaty hours working out at the gym continues to be a popular trend, it is Yoga that has swept the world and has become popular for its many benefits. This ancient form of exercise which our ancestors have been practising for centuries has just acquired a rather modern and electrifying touch. The new Yoga t-shirt launched by Electricfoxy not only looks fashionable and trendy but also comes in with built in sensors which will ensure that all your Assanas while practicing yoga are conducted without the slightest flaw.

Yoga is not just another exercise. It involves many twists and turns which have to be done with a lot of precision. One wrong move and you might just end up with a pain that might prove to be chronic. Hence, owning this piece of Electricfoxy might just come in very handy. Electricfoxy is a popular brand which has excelled in creating technology that you can wear. They have designed everything from cameras that can be worn as necklaces and shoes that have a touch of technology in them.

The ‘Move’ project is where they have added to technology to your “physical performance.” It is also not for the first time that Yoga has received such a lot of attention. Not very long ago we reported about Yoga bags that came with Swarovski ornaments.

Let’s have a look at what the new ‘Move’ wear has to offer health freaks.

Yoga goes Techno Savvy

The yoga shirt is not as technical in its look as it claims to be. Just one glimpse at this garment and you might just pass it off to be one of those gym wears. However, the shirt has integrated technology without making it very apparent.  A mobile application blends very soothingly in this shirt that does not look like a garment straight out of a sci-fi Hollywood flick.

The mobile application informs you about the plethora of yoga movements and there is also space if you wish to add more to the already existing files. So when you get busy with your Assanas of stretching and bending the sensors which have been fitted on the front, side and back of the shirt will inform you if your move is correct or does it lack precision. A slight buzz will signal you that your bend or stretch was incorrect.

Your entire Yoga session is recorded as you do it and is send to a mobile application. When you are relaxing after a nice and long round of Yogis Assanas you can also sit back and view your moves and if you have performed your stretches and bends well enough. Not only that, as mentioned before the Mobile application will also provide you with an array of information that will help you improve your Yoga moves and each and every buzz and nudge from the sensors on your shirt will help you master your command on Yoga.

Despite its many benefits, Electricfoxy’s latest t-shirt has not acquired so much popularity amongst Yogic gurus. The continuous buzzing and signalling can be quite a distraction especially in this form of exercise which relies heavily on meditation and concentration.

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