Richard Branson teams up with Strauss Group to Bring Out Stylish Water Filtration Units

I can’t help but be amused at Richard Branson’s choice of latest business enterprise. I mean after dabbling in space tourism with his Virgin Galactic, one would expect something a bit more hi-fi than manufacturing water dispensers! But he has proven himself to be a man who knows how to diversify, be it music record label, airlines, cell phones, or space travel. This time around, Branson has teamed up with Strauss Group to bring out two water filtration units- T6 and T7.

Both the models use triple filtration and UV purification to clean the water and have a cold water tank capacity of 1.6 litres and hot water tank capacity of 1.4 litres. T6’s measurements are: Height 35cm x Width 31cm x Depth 32cm. Its chilled water flow times at around 1.3 litres per minute, which is the same as its hot water flow. On the other hand, the T7 model is slightly bigger with dimensions: Height 37cm x Width 31cm x Depth 36cm and has a chilled water flow rate of 2.0 litres per minute, almost 50 percent faster than the T6 model. It also differs from the T6 model in terms of the operation for filling the jug, which requires you to press on 2 buttons together in T6 but has a one touch button in T7. Also, T6 comes with 1800w heating whereas T7 comes with 2000w extra fast heating facility.

Other than these three features the rest of the specs are more or less the same in the two models. The hot water temperature is maintained between 92-96°C, which can be increased to 100°C at the touch of a button. You can set the cold water temperature between 5 – 20 °C and the ambient water temperature between 10 – 50°C. You can also pre-set your cup and glass quantities. If you have kids in your house then you can avail the child lock feature to prevent any wastage of water. The energy saving modes with automatic wake-up is another interesting feature on these two filtration units. They come in five shades: Green, Red, Black, Cream and Silver. They can be attached directly to the water mains and the good news is that they have foregone the installation fee in the UK for now. The T6 unit comes for £299.00, while the T7 unit is pricier at £379.00.

To make sure you get the purest water possible, you can become members of their ‘WaterClub’, which guarantees you all kinds of required replacements, including UV filters. It costs £11.95 per month for T6 and £12.95 per month for T7. They are definitely not cheap, but can prove to be worth all this dough in the long run. This is especially true when you compare it to buying bottled water, which a recent survey shows in the preferred source of drinking water for almost 20% of UK households. Apart from the expense, it also means so many non-biodegradable plastic bottles. These filtration units are stylish and very easy to use. Wont be such a bad idea to check them out for more info on their Virgin-Pure website.

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