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I am not much of a watch-wearer. I have never been one. The occasional bangle or bracelet on my wrist is as far as I usually go. Nevertheless, I wore wristwatches through most of my teen years. Those were the days before cell phones, when people did not and could not leave home without a watch gracing their wrist. Children looked forward to the day when they were finally deemed old enough to be presented with a watch of their own.

Times have changed. The multi-talented cell phone has pushed the humble wristwatch into cold storage. Is it any wonder why? The mobile handset allows users to make and receive calls, stay in touch constantly, and even play games. Plus, it tells the time. The wristwatch’s exit is more than warranted. Still, wristwatches are unlikely to be completely ousted. After all, the best wristwatches have one additional USP – they are style accessories too. Take the case of Simpel Watches. Here are wristwatches that take their function as accessories quite seriously. Do you remember the popular slap bands of the 1980s? The Simpel Switch is a modern interpretation of that once popular trend.

My Reasons For Loving Simpel Watches

What attracted me to Simpel watches? Partly, it was the slap band reference; as an eighties’ child, I remember being drawn to that popular fashion accessory. Partly, it was the pop colors on these watches, colors that drew attention to a well-shaped wrist and livened up a muted look.

For The Budget Buyer

Here is a wristwatch that is young, vibrant and a throwback to a time gone by. I imagine school and college kids hankering their parents for a Simpel wristwatch. People with budgets will appreciate how the team of Simpel has made these watches accessible to everyone. You can buy a Simpel watch for $29.95. If that is $10 above budget, simply purchase the watch face for $19.95. If even that does not work, order the brightly colored watch bands for $12.95.

Details You Should Know

Simpel watches come fitted with a two-hand SII quartz movement. Matrix alloy combined with mineral crystal makes up the case back. Meanwhile, the band is crafted out of custom molded silicon and manganese steel. Weighing in at 2.2 oz., this cutesy timepiece from Simpel is a winner.

Katy Perry Would Love The Colors

The pop colors increase the appeal. It helps, of course, that neon shades are back in vogue. For me, the colors are the highlight of the Simpel watches line. The square watch face and red and white hands add to the overall youthful feel.

Get Set To Mix And Match

If, like me, you do not shy away from colors, check out the pink, orange and blue models. If you dare not wear pop colors all the time, try the more muted dark grey, light grey and classic white. I love the exotic names of the six watch styles – maui, snow, laguna, mamba, stone and tangelo. Feel free to mix and match, combining the pop pink of maui with the pristine band of snow; or brightening up the muted mamba with the blue laguna. The simpel website allows users to test out different color combinations with utmost ease.

Get Simpel!

Place a Simpel watch on your hand, and watch how it transforms your entire look. It is time to restart your love affair with timekeeping. As the brand’s website says, “Get Simpel”!

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