Svbscription, a Luxury Lifestyle Subscription Service for Gentlemen

The concept of gentleman isn’t what it used to be. Opening the door for a girl and letting her ahead in a queue are the only two gentlemanly acts we know today. A new luxury lifestyle service for men to be launched soon claims they can make gentlemen out of ordinary men. The service has an unusual name – Svbscription and they are targeting the modern intelligent, stylish men who are too busy to shop for themselves. The service is being launched by a trio based out of Melbourne and New York. The service uses the magazine subscription model and provides its member with latest and most exclusive products, objects and experiences on the market. The product category ranges from apparel, technology, beauty and design. The first selection that has been curated for members consists of brands from Berlin and New York.

Svbscription is for Men Interested in Exclusive and Coveted Items

The founders of the service are Marc Goldenfein, ex-editor of TheVine who is based in Melbourne. The other two who operate from New York are Andrew Apostola of Portable and high-end brand consultant Sam Wheeler. They are all creative people who are very busy and much like their target customer. The only thing is that their customers need to be much wealthier than them to be able to afford their services. They believe that men like them need not sacrifice their taste simply because they don’t have the time to find good quality products or items. Svbscription is for a man who is interested in exclusive and coveted items and the idea took shape after several extended discussions over breakfast. There are too many products in the market today and it makes sense to put a curator in place if you are looking for exclusive and coveted items. The curator keeps a watch on the market and gets you things according to your taste and preferences as soon as they become available in the market.

Sbvtext Blog Provides Experience of Brand through Editorial Content

The Sbvtext blog will also be launched alongside the website at the end of this month. Goldenfein with his editorial background is managing the content which will mainly be profiling talented and creative individuals from around the world. The editorial content will try to give you an experience of each brand. The business model of this service is not like a sampling service or a discount clearance site. A member does not receive a sample but the product itself. The concierge service maintains details of tastes, preferences and measurements. Prices range from $100 to $300 for quarterly deliveries. The first parcel delivery is scheduled for July. The blog and the subscription drive will start in May itself. The founders of Svbscription are passionate about the concept and are eager to share their loved brands with members. The brands would not be paying to be part of Svbscription but the service will collaborate with the brands and get their products at a reasonable price so that they can deliver value for money to their members. Apostola, a co-founder believes that the service will serve as a backstage pass for the industry. If it is a win-win situation for both the consumer and the industry then the concept is bound to become a success.

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