Aga Launches a New Cooker that can be Operated Remotely Via Text Messages

Aga Cookers have found a permanent place in British kitchens. British housewives have vouched for it for the last eighty years because of its simplicity and old style charm. But times are changing now and the younger generation expects the luxury gadgets to be smart and intelligent. They don’t want to run or operate it but simply program it. Aga has also turned a new leaf in this digital age and developed a smart model that can be turned on and off with a text message. The digital model has been launched and has gone on sale from last weekend.

The new smart model cooker is called AGA iTotal Control and has been priced steeply at £10,090. The top model in the range has three ovens, one each for roasting, baking and simmering. Each of the ovens can be operated independently through text messages. It is an upgraded version of the AGA Total Control cooker which was the first electric model from the company that could be switched on and off as the user required. Earlier models from Aga were oil guzzlers and released carbon dioxide. They had to face a lot of criticism for being unfriendly to the environment.

The new and modern Agas can be programmed. They reach the cooking temperatures only when you need them. They receive instruction messages through a SIM card fitted in a small box like gadget which is connected to the cooker through a cable. It receives commands via a standard mobile phone. You can text one of the following messages: roasting oven on; baking oven on; simmering oven on; all ovens on; all zones off to operate it remotely. The gadget with the SIM card not only passes on the instruction to the cooker but replies back with a message like ‘roasting oven on activated’. The new Aga Cooker can be operated through an app which can be downloaded to smartphones from Apple’s app store or the Android Marketplace.

There is a third option available to remotely control and operate the new Aga Cooker. The owner of the cooker can register on a dedicated website which enables the user to control and operate his oven through a laptop. The senior officials at Aga admitted that the modern kitchen is getting technically very advanced. The company is also keeping up with the changing times and needs of their customers. They have responded with their new model that gives the user the control to get the supper cooked exactly when it is needed. And you don’t even need to be in your kitchen for doing that. However there are plenty of older generation Aga lovers who aren’t very excited about the new model. Jilly Cooper, the bestselling author who at 75 is writing her next novel about flat-racing from her home in Gloucestershire claims that she doesn’t know how to text on the phone. She loves her old Aga that is always on and she leaves it on overnight and slow-cook stews for her dogs. But ask the younger generation and they are sure to love the new Aga that they can control remotely even while traveling or commuting.

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