Design Studio Mike & Maaike Replicate World’s Most Expensive and Famous Jewelry in Leather

Jewelry that boast of rare stones and large diamonds could carry a price tag in seven figures and come with security concerns. Most of us can’t afford them but their beauty dazzle one and all. Design studio Mike & Maaike have found a way to make the world’s most expensive and famous jewelry accessible to a much larger number of people. The jewelry created with precious metal and gemstones have been replicated in inexpensive leather. The design studio Mike & Maaike calls it the Stolen Jewels collection. They don’t really steal the jewels but only its design.

Mike & Maaike take help from the most successful search engine Google. They simply go to Google Image Search and look for the world’s most expensive and famous jewelry. They download all the images that appeal to them. The downloaded images are then pixilated and replicated in interwoven strips of leather. According to the design studio the idea behind the process is to strip away the expense and the intricacy of the jewels and only extract its essence and visual intensity. If you are one of those who don’t want to invest large sums of money on jewelry then this could be your alternative jewelry that cost nothing when compared to the real ones.

A necklace made from pixleated leather might sound primitive to some but believe me the Stolen Jewels are wearable and can be bought for as little as $250 to $750 at art galleries. Its inexpensive enough for you to give it a try. You might not see the stars wearing one of these on the Oscar night but you can definitely show them off in your get togethers. They look like art pieces and make a statement. Google Image Search is a free tool and you could try looking for the jewelry on the web that suits your taste and style. I am not sure if Mike & Maaike take an order for replicating the design of your choice but there is no harm in trying. If they agree you can create a collection of your own in leather.

Via: news.cnet

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