Meet the Richest Vicar, Reverend Robert Parker

It may seem strange for a priest to discuss about turnovers and profits but it is not impossible. Reverend Robert Parker’s religious devotion and business insightfulness are usually contradicting each other. For some he is Reverend Parker and for some he is Mr. Parker. He knows the irony as a vicar  that making a fortune and leading a life style of a millionaire isn’t so bad after all. He is Britain’s richest vicar, flying like a top executive with his possessions including a holiday home with golf course in France, Shropshire’s two thousand acre estate and four hotels-three hotels in Northumberland the other one in Edinburgh. A chain of care homes were the source of his his wealth which can be sold for $69 million a few years back.

Sometimes he expresses as if hurt for being guilty. He gets reconciled that it would be difficult to pass into heaven with rich lifestyle where as a camel would easily pass through the hole of a needle. In other words you will have eye of a needle in one hand and the other hand learns the lesson that amount of money does not matter; it is important how you spent.

It can be concluded that Mr. Parker does not approve that money is bad but potential force is bad. It has the potency of good depending on how you use it. After one’s death the huge amount would used for the good cause across the world. So one need not worry for criticisms, it is better to ignore. You could see Mr. Parker standing in his Doxford Hall estate.

He enjoys his status as business man and he would enjoy passing the fortune on to others by which they will also be benefitted. He says that money corrupts one’s mind making him to focus always on himself and changes an individual life. The Reverend Robert Parker benevolently assures with smile that he works as an advisor to the Bishop of Derby.

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