Dumped by his Fiancée Josh Opperman Created an Online Marketplace for Wedding Jewelry

It is easy to say that every adversity is pregnant with an opportunity but really difficult to actually turn the adversity around into a profitable opportunity. Josh Opperman is one of those rare young men who turned his broken engagement into a business opportunity. Six years ago, one day when he came back from work he found his Manhattan apartment empty except for the engagement ring his fiancée had left behind. It is easy to imagine his disappointment but he was even more shocked to find that no jeweler was willing to give him more than 30% of what he had paid for it.

He was disappointed, no doubt, but he wasn’t discouraged and was in fact inspired by the experience to start idonowidont.com which is an online market place for people like him looking to rid themselves of their once-prized wedding jewelry. I Do Now I Don’t has grown into a great platform for people interested in jewelry with a story or simply a great price. The range of jewelry available on the site is wide as you could find discards of millionaire matchmaking gone wrong. You have billionaires and the really rich also using the site to buy and sell. It is a convenient place for people who want to unload a diamond ring they haven’t worn in years. The site is transparent and safe with all its gemologist verification and escrow.

If you are buying a ring from a physical store you wouldn’t know where your ring came from. But on idonowidont the jewelry comes with its history and the story of the people who are selling it. Some of the stories are more fascinating than the ring. But very often you will find stories that range from scandalous to strange. But whatever your story you now have a place where you can display your old wedding jewelry and hope to get a fair price and feel somewhat better even if you are in an emotional dump. One must thank Josh Opperman who came up with this brilliant idea despite his disappointments.

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