Million Dollar Rooms takes you through Most Exclusive & Spectacular Spaces

One of the most popular shows on HGTV is Million Dollar Rooms where viewers get to tour the very best in high end design and luxury living around the globe with Carter Oosterhouse. The trends at the very top end change rapidly. In just over a decade we have witnessed a transition from million dollar homes to million dollar rooms. Even a few years back it would have been unimaginable that a $5 million space could be used for parking luxury cars. But you can see it now on the show that has special access to the most exclusive and expensive spaces. The millionaires and billionaires of today, many of whom are new rich know how to splurge and demand what was unimaginable some time ago. Million Dollar Rooms specializes in one of a kind multimillion dollar spaces and provides an unprecedented look inside these spectacular spaces that have been created without any budgetary constraint.

The world’s largest residential pool:

One of the episodes of the Million Dollar Rooms featured not a room but a pool located next to a 9,000 square foot mansion in El Campo, Texas. The owner of the mansion wanted to create a tropical getaway and commissioned the pool designer Cheryl Kuykendall who created an aquatic wonderland. The main pool is spread over 40,000 square foot and takes 750,000 gallons of water to fill. The features that make the large pool extra special are six waterfalls, a 21-foot slide, a 500-foot lazy river, a bar, an outdoor kitchen, a kiddie area, and more. It has been designed as a complete weekend entertainment. The cost of the pool complex went beyond $3 million.

Renaissance-style Ballroom cum Garage

Villa Rosa Rugosa located in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., was owned by a couple who got a Renaissance style ballroom attached to the villa. Since it is rarely used as a ballroom it normally functions as an eight car garage. It featured on the HGTV show Million Dollar Rooms as the most luxurious garage and we are yet to see another garage which is as extravagant. The ballroom cum garage boasts of barn-style hydraulic doors, a 35 foot hand painted mural and the largest mosaic ever to be installed in a private home. The mosaic has been made with Chinese tiles that took almost two years to assemble. As a ballroom it hosted the owners son wedding which was attended by five hundred guests. Shelley Brose the owner of Villa Rosa Rugosa had listed it for sale initially for $15 million but failed to find a buyer. Ultimately he sold it for only $4.7 million last February. Just the ballroom/garage had cost him $2 million to construct.

Danville, a Complete 1940s Mini-Town

A 3,000 square foot hangar on a 25 acre property in Geneva, Fla. has been turned into a complete 1940s mini-town. The man behind the unique creation is retired contractor Dan Shaw. The mini-town boasts of O’Shaw’s Irish Pub, a working bar with a kegerator; the Danville Inn, a two-bedroom hotel with a custom kitchen, a lavishly decorated living room, and a balcony; and a 15-by-15-foot movie screen. All the fixtures including street lights and phones are period appropriate to give the town an authentic look. Daneville is scheduled to appear in a future episode of Million Dollar Rooms.

Two Story, Full Wing, Walk-in Closet

One of the most recent episodes of Million Dollar Rooms featured the Texas behemoth known as Champ d’Or. The highlight of course was the walk-in closet inspired by Chanel. The woman behind the extravagant closet, Shirley Goldfield is an ardent admirer of Coco Chanel for what she was able to achieve in a man’s world. In its own way the closet is a tribute to the extraordinary woman. It comes outfitted with gold doorknobs, a custom made gold chandelier, a custom iron railing modeled after the famed mirrored one in the Chanel store on Rue de Cambon in Paris and a custom rug with the ‘C’ logo of the brand.

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