Black and White is back with Leica Monochrome Camera

At a time when everyone claims to be a photographer, the latest Leica Monochrome Camera will put their skills to test. With the advent of digital cameras and other softwares such as Photoshop and Picasa, photography seems to be everyone’s domain. Sharp and colourful images are a common sight on Facebook and everyone’s picture portfolio on the web. With the launch of Leica Monochrome, photography will not be the same as we see on an everyday basis. The world’s first digital camera that takes photos only in black and white will bring about a massive change in the photographic world and will take us all back in time.

It is only in a black and white photograph that the true emotions of the image are represented. They have the required depth and can easily make any photographic moment eternal. Being cost consuming also black and white once rules the roost in the good old days of genuine photography. However, despite the low production cost and the classic quality of images, black and white eventually gave way to coloured photography. There was no looking backs since then as the coloured rage gripped the world of photography. In recent times there has been a paradigm shift with professional and amateur photographers realizing the relevance of black and white and the superior quality of the pictures. In order to convert images to black and white several softwares were put to use. However, the quality of these images was never up to the mark.

In the past Leica has also launched many rare vintage cameras that fetched a hefty price at several auctions.

The Leica Monochrome Black and White Camera

Manufacturing digital and analog cameras since 1913, the M Monochrome is the latest addition to its M series rangefinders. A Maserati of a camera, the M Monochrome is actually a black and white version of the Leica’s flagship M9 camera. The camera comes with a 50 mm Summicron F 2.0 M mount lens. The Leica M Monochrome is compatible with all Leica M System lenses since it uses Leica’s M System. A full frame CCD anables the use of 18 mega pixel in the camera very easily.

The black and white images are made possible because a colour filter is not used in front of the camera sensor. This lets in more light and results in a better dynamic range with less noise and in low light. Thus with every click all that you get is a pure black and white image with no colour at all. Ever!The M Monochrome is small, compact and easy to use.

The manufactures claim that the M Monochrome Black and White is a kind of White Stripesian which works within limitations kind of way. The M Monochrome black and white is a little more expensive than the M9 which already comes with a hefty price tag. The M Monochrome comes with a price tag of $7,950. It will be launched this July and will available at the Leica store in Washington D.C.

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