Wear Luxury on your Wrists with Girard Perregaux

Back in 1791 Jean Francois Bautte, watchmaker and goldsmith, created watches that became known for their unique designs. He founded a company that was further lead by Constant Girard. His marriage to Marrie Perregaux eventually lead to the foundation of this luxury watched manufacturer in 1856.

It has been over many centuries now but the Swiss based watch manufacturers, Girard Perregaux continue to enthral many with their exquisite designs. While making their masterpieces they bring under one roof the expertise of everyone from watchmakers to engineers to decorators and polishers. Together they create high quality watches and movements from the assembly stages all the way to the final encasement. Here’s a look at some of the fine masterpieces that they have created in recent times.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Tourbillion with Three Gold Bridges

The Girard Perregaux 1945 vintage collection was launched again but this time with Three Gold Bridges. The watch has been nestled inside an Art-Deco inspired case and on matte anthracite main plate which has been created with precious materials quite similar to platinum a three bridge tourbillion is placed. The watch is water resistant for 30 meters and has a diameter of 36.10 mm× 35.25 mm. The three bridge watch also has a 48 hour power reserve and a winding calibre GP9600 movement.

The Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Tourbillion with Three Gold Bridges is limited only to fifty units and has an alligator strap. The pink crown of the watch is made of gold and has GP engraved on it. the watch hands have been polished with diamonds and are made of gold regatta.

If this was not enough the Girard Perregaux Swan themed watch will only beguile you.

Girard Perregaux and Boucheron Swan themed watched

Girard Perregaux and Boucheron came together for the third time to create this Swan themed marvel. Called the Cypris Tourbillion it comes in black and white and is a three gold bridges watch. It is a fine combination of grace and technology as makers at GP and Boucheron came together to create this piece of art that has been inspired by the demure posture of a swan. Swans are known to embody love and harmony and Girard Perregaux along with Boucheron in this very fine and successful attempt have tried to recreate that courteous character of the swan in this one of a kind luxurious watch.The two complementary shades in which the three gold bridges watch is available are known as Cypris Turbillon White Plumage and Cypris Turbillion Black plumage.

If the watch is full of luxury then the case is no less. It bedazzles with diamonds and makes the Black Plumage’s case a fine piece of artistry and is beset with opulence. The mesmerizing shimmer wings have been made with violet, blue and black sapphires. There are also 1,380 precious stones that decorate the wing of the black plumage.

Seven hundred wound diamonds and almost hundred blue sapphires have been used by Boucheron for the wings of the white plumage. The beaks of the birds in both the watches are made of coral and onyx and white gold has been used extensively to make the bridges in both the watches.

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