Damiani Creates Diamond Jewelry Collection Based on Ferrari’s Prancing Horse

When two top players of their respective fields come together the results are more often than not are astonishing and breathtaking. Yes, we are talking about the teaming up of Ferrari and Damiani. The luxury car maker has been the symbol of luxury, elegance and sophistication and several generations of car lovers and enthusiasts have vouched for it. The iconic black prancing horse represents Ferrari around the world and has grown in stature along with the luxury brand. Damiani on the other hand are the celebrated Italian designers who have been associated with Ferrari earlier when they designed the exclusive diamond encrusted Ferrari jewel brooch. The handcrafted piece of fine jewelry had the stamp of expert Damiani craftsmen and it has encouraged the collaborators to take the association to new heights. Damiani has created a new collection of jewels, crafted and made exclusively for the rich car enthusiasts. The collection is in a way an extension of the Ferrari brooch as all the pieces in the collection has been designed around the ever-so-famous Ferrari horse.

The pendant is the centerpiece of the new collection and it seems to be perfect to the last detail. Damiani’s skilled goldsmiths have used all their experience and craftsmanship to recreate the Ferrari prancing horse in all its glory. The attention to detail is amazing and must be seen to be believed. The pendant is crafted out of 18carat white gold and embellished with diamond. Each individual diamond has been set to infuse life into the prancing horse. The precious gems have been selected carefully by an expert gemology team at Damiani and they have put together a collection of stones of highest standards in terms of both aesthetics and quality. It is a precious pendant that requires an equally precious chain and Damiani has created a magnificent white gold Venice chain to not only match the pendant but add value to the fine creation. It is a breathtaking sight to watch the pendant hanging royally from its white gold chain. The Ferrari prancing horse pendant along with the white gold Venice chain has been priced at $2,266 which is not unreasonable considering the quality of craftsmanship that has gone into the creation.

There are other reproductions of the Ferrari prancing horse in the collection and each one of them is as perfect as the other. The superior craftsmanship of the Damiani goldsmiths is evident in all of them. A reproduction of the Cavallino Rampante has been done in yellow gold. The pendant weighing 18k comes with a beautiful Venetian chain. The closure ring boasts of a tiny 0.01ct diamond. The yellow gold prancing horse pendant is priced at $1,686. The earrings in the collection are made from 18carat white gold. It is again a spectacular piece and perfectly crafted to its last detail. The earring has been enhanced by a diamond pave. The super earrings will cost you a significant $2,549. Ferrari, the luxury car maker is very comfortable in the luxury world and trying out several collaborations in quick succession to give the lovers of the brand more than a luxury car, including the diamond car keys.

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