The Most Beautiful Book on Fish Could Become the Most Expensive Book

Books have a value much beyond the cost of producing them because of what they contain. The works of world’s extraordinary thinkers, scientists, influential authors and the seminal masters fetch extraordinary prices. There are enthusiastic book collectors who have the passion and the money to buy some of the most expensive books in this world. Bonham’s, the renowned auction house has announced the sale of the world’s most beautiful book on fish. The Bonham’s sale of the Angling Library of Alan Jarvis at Knightsbridge will be held on May22. The book was printed way back in the 18th century. It is the work of Marcus Elieser Bloch, a German medical doctor and naturalist who is considered one of the most important ichthyologists of his time.

It is a magnificent copy of the book that contains the monumental work by the German Doctor. The book is described by the experts as the most beautiful book on fish ever published. The book is part of Marcus Elieser Bloch’s Natural History Ichthyology which was first published in six monumental volumes between the year 1785 and 1797. The book is from the very first edition and the experts estimate the value of the book to be between $48,400 and $80,720. Marcus had made detailed drawings of 1,500 varieties of fish. It was the largest collection of its time and the naturalist had made it by purchasing the fish both at home and from travelers returning from around the world, Sir William Hamilton being one of them.

Marcus Elieser Bloch had employed a variety of engravers and master artists to prepare the plates for the drawings. Some of the finely colored plates have used the silver effectively to reflect the metallic sheen of fish scales. The Bonham’s sale is going to be very exciting for book lovers and collectors as there are other rare centuries old books which will also go under the hammer. We will keep you informed if a new record of most expensive book is made during the auctions. Since you may be interested in fish a new record was made in Japan for the most expensive tuna fish ever sold at auction. A huge tuna was sold for $736,000 or $1,241 per pound.

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