Missoni home will now design a luxurious condo Acqua Livingston

When Missoni was founded in 1953 as a knitwear label by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni little did they know that it will go on to become a fashion empire. After being in this business for three generations now the Missoni’s have given a new meaning to knitwear. Through the creative use of their designer patterns and prints, Missoni have refined knitwear to a more artistic and trendy form. Based in Varese, Italy their knitwear is known to made from a variety of fabrics in colourful patterns.

After tasting success in the world of fashion, Missoni diversified into a variety of luxury goods and accessories. They also made a debut in the hospitality industry in 2005 and an agreement was signed with the Rezidor Hotel Group to found Hotel Missoni which would be more of a lifestyle hotel. It was planned that 30 such hotels would be opened worldwide and five properties have already been confirmed. The Missoni’s new venture is the real estate industry. The fashion house cum emerging hospitality giant will now design the world’s most luxurious condominium in Manila, Philippines. Called the Acqua Livingston the property will be developed along with Century properties Group, Inc.

Read on if you intend to own this property that will immerse you in luxury.

Acqua Livingston tower by Missoni Home

The 52 storey super luxury condominium to be designed by Missonihome is actually a part of the Aqua Private Residencies, located in Mandaluyong City and is one of the most expensive estates in Manila. It is worth $315.9 million and will soon become Manila’s first luxury residency hub due to its proximity to the financial capital city of Makati. Missonihome, the creative brain behind this luxury project intend to give the property an exclusive look. The amenities available at the Acqua Livingston tower will be on of its kind. Otherwise, you can avail of these facilities and get a taste of this level of luxury only at Missoni owned hotels in Edinburgh and Kuwait.

Vittorio Missoni, Marketting Director and Owner of Missoni Spa, states that Missoni as a brand is “an experience of happiness, excitement, beauty, creativity, style and elegance.” He further states, “We are inspired by the seasons of nature and we play with colour because life is more beautiful with colour and thus Missonihome creates a colourful style that reflects the celebration of life.”

“Living in a Missoni designed home is a rare lifestyle experience,” says Marco Antonio Project Head and Century Managing Director. Well it will be a rare lifestyle experience indeed for the Acqua Livingston offers more than you can ask for. Called The Canopy it is divided into many levels. The lower level is a luxury room besides also being a business centre. The Jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor gym, library, spa and other function rooms are also at the lower level.

All the socializing can be done at the upper level which boasts of having an amphitheater, a pool with a sunk in bar, a lounge and a dance floor with a DJ booth if you plan to host some rather exciting parties. The entertainment level also has barbecue facilities. Keep up with their unique styles, the Missonis have connected these two levels with an organic mesh tree which has been given a very creative look. The mezzanine floor to which the tree also connects is a place where you can enjoy a peaceful meal and enjoy the surrounding environs which include a tropical rainforest that has been designed entirely by the Missoni team.

An interesting blend of art and luxury designs Acqua Livingston also has a sports and luxury complex known as the Pebbles which also has three waterfalls. The RiverWalk promenade with its many restaurants is located near Pebbles. The Boardwalk near the promenade provides a shuttle service which will take you to and fro Makita City.

There’s no word on the price of this rather opulent and regal property but don’t expect anything less than a monstrous price tag.

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