The New Tub by SPAmbient Comes with Flat Screen TV and hi-fi System

SPAmbient, the Slovenian firm is the specialist when it comes to hot tubs in different shapes and sizes. They have created various models with two sections, one for Jacuzzi and the other one for pool. They also make it in a wide range of sizes with the larger ones comparing favorably with the apartments in New York. They are really large for a tub. The most recent model released by them is again a rather large tub spread over two decks. The lower one is a jucuzzi that can comfortably accommodate six adults. Over all it is an extravagant design with over the top features to make it the hottest tub in the market.

The model is called the Luxema 8000 and is sure to become the ultimate backyard accessory. The tub has a built in large flat screen TV and a bar attached to the Jacuzzi in case the guests get thirsty. It is not just large in size but boasts of the state of the art equipment that make it an amazing experience. It features over 130 independent jets and nine water pumps that create an incredible sensation for the occupants of the tub. The tubs made by the firm are all impressive but expensive. The price of the double decker tub is not out as yet but one of their much smaller tub carries a price tag of $26,000 so you can make an educated guess.

The large tub weighs 1,500kgs when empty. It requires 10,000 liters of water to fill it up. Apart from the flat screen TV the tub also boasts of a built in hi-fi system to keep the guests entertained. The lower deck is a six seater Jacuzzi or spa where as the top deck is a pool that features powerful water jets that can create the effect of a current. You can swim against it or switch off the pumps and relax in the pool. The company also makes matching sauna that can be bought together and installed next to each other. The company offers a very wide range. You will also find several models that are smaller in size and less extravagant but equally efficient and effective.

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