Zoom away on a ZecOO Electrical Motorcycle

It is in vogue now to be eco friendly. This passion for the eco approach has extended to everything from fashion, as models and celebrities are going green with their choice of wardrobes, to home accessories, furniture and automobiles. There’s enough reason for everyone to go gaga over green and being environment friendly. It is but our responsibility to think about environment sustainability and preventing our eco system from further damage.  But why not do it in style with the new ZeCoo electric motorcycle.

Zip away on this eco friendly bike that rune not on fuel that emits poisonous fumes but electricity. The bike comes with a price tag of $70,000 and is clearly a revolution in the world of automobiles. We’ve also seen eco friendly electric bikes in the past which include the Yike Bike electric, the Detonator Chopper and the BRD Red Shift SM electrical motorbike. The zecoo is the latest to join this bandwagon and promises to be better than all the bikes that have been launched so far. The Japanese just can’t stop babbling about this retro looking aesthetically designed bike which is making headlines amongst the press for its cutting edge technology and eco-friendly nature.

Eco Friendly Wheels

Designed by Kota Nezu, a Toyota designer and manufactured by Znug Design, this environment on wheels was unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo motor show. It took six months to build this rather aggressive looking mean but environment friendly machine. Everything from conceptualising the bike to building a prototype was completed in the said time period at a custom bike shop called Suehiro in Tokyo. While designing the bike it was the aim of its makers was not to make a bike that is futuristic and is known for its technical finesse but make a machine with a powerful design that “grabs the heart.”

A combination of alloy and solid wood has been used to make the frame of the bike.The electrical bikes that we have seen so far look very much like standard human powered bikes. However, the zeCoo is a class apart and has some interesting features. With its futuristic design the bike can easily manage a run between 55 and 86 miles with a top speed of 75 mph after being charged for four to six hours.

The bikes unique design grabbed many eyeballs at the Tokyo motor show when it was unveiled. It’s a low riding bike which stands out in the circuit of electrical bikes. Another outstanding feature of the zecOO bikes are its large sized wheels which almost gives it the look of a Harley Davidson. The wheels make for an easy run and not even once do you feel that you’re riding a battery operated bike.

The long and raking windshield give it a sleek look. The conventional fork steering in the front has been replaced with a central hub system. The bike is driven by the rear wheel belt and also boasts of having a cantilevered shock absorbing system. The bike will be officially tested in spring of this year for its specs and the makers have promised that in the future we will have a bike that is not only known for its design but also its aggressively fast speed.

The company is at present planning a limited edition manufacturing of this bike which will make heads turn not just in Tokyo but all around the world!

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