Zaggora Flares: The Workout Pants

Pants That Help You Lose Weight

Soon after I became a stay-at-home writer, I started putting on weight like nobody’s business. I had been stick-thin for years. So the extra pounds were more than welcome at first. Gradually, the weight gain spiraled out of control. Before I knew it, I was fat. I had put on three dress sizes, and the weight gain continued. Finally, I decided to send myself to gym. A regular exercise routine coupled with a smart diet ensured that I was on the weight loss route. I lost several pounds, and was looking and feeling good. But then the weight loss plateaued. I intensified my workouts, increased the duration and gave my diet a re-jig. But nothing worked.

Why I Bought Zaggora Flares

It was during an aimless online search looking for weight loss tips that I chanced upon the Zaggora website and saw the Zaggora Flares. I have always had a natural suspicion of products that promise quick weight loss – especially clothing that claim to increase your weight loss rate. But I had reached the end of my tether and was desperate enough to try anything. I ordered a pair of Zaggora Flares. Not that I expected any results really. I was merely clutching at straws.

The Results Surprised Me

After weeks of no weight loss, I was not expecting any great changes. I was quite half-hearted about the pants, until I noticed my clothes getting looser. I pulled out one of my favorite denims. And voila! They fit! That was when I took out the measuring tape. I had lost an inch in just over a week. I had read terrible things about workout pants that use similar technology. Apparently, they leave the wearer all sweaty and disgusting. Thankfully, my experience with Zaggora has been refreshingly different. The technology helps you work up a sweat but does not leave you feeling uncomfortable. I am no longer looking to lose weight; just to tone up and get fit. And the Zaggora Flares are just what my new slim body ordered.

How It Works

Many people mistakenly assume that merely wearing the Flares (and other such workout clothes) aids in weight loss. But these are not magic pants. If you are serious about weight loss, do not just buy Zaggora Flares; exercise in them as well.
The idea behind these workout pants is that you can burn four times the usual calories even during a lower intensity exercise routine. Do not expect to see results if you simply wear the Zaggora Flares and sit around watching television.

Why is this? Zaggora Flares feature Celu-Lite technology fabric lining to increase core body temperature by as much as 18 percent. This helps work up a sweat around the legs, thighs and buttocks. The extra body heat means that you spend more energy in trying to cool down, thereby burning more calories. Wearers even see an increased calorie burning rate of up to 26% for an hour following the workout. If you have questions about safety, it might be reassuring to know that the Flares have been extensively tested at the Chelsea School at Brighton University.

Would It Work For You?

The premise is tempting – workout clothes that burn four times the calories. In the six months since its launch, Zaggora Flares have amassed 150,000-plus Facebook fans. The brand has sold 350,000 units and counting. The positive reviews are flowing in. But do not buy it if you are unwilling to change your lifestyle. Exercise and a healthy diet will help these workout pants work their magic. If you are willing to make that commitment, feel free to take the plunge, and watch the cellulite pull a disappearing act!

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