An A380 Themed Restaurant Opens in Chongqing, China

An A380 wide bodied jet themed restaurant was recently opened in Chongqing, China. Having a gourmet meal while flying in the largest aircraft in the world must be a great dining experience. You can have that experience now without having to buy a plane ticket to fly out of town.  Apparently there is a demand for this kind of an experience and there are a lot of people who love to have a meal on an airplane. There is no other reason to explain why someone would invest a significant amount in making a high end restaurant that resembles the interiors of the world’s largest passenger airliner.

The A380 Restaurant replicates the interiors of the aircraft rather closely. Even the waitresses have been trained to talk and behave like real stewardesses on a flight. The seats are real aircraft seats and adjustable. The special ovular seats cost as much as $1,590. The windows, the décor, the carpet and even the cabin lighting have all been inspired by the A380. The only difference is that the menu is much more elaborate and extensive as compared to the usual airplane food.

The unique restaurant is spread over 600 square meters. The head count of the crew serving the guests is 18 at the moment. The crew includes nine flight attendants who had to undertake several short courses devised for stewardesses. The idea was to get them to learn how to apply their makeup and act and behave like a real stewardess. Incidentally the new restaurant in Chongqing, China is the world’s second A380 themed restaurant. The honor of being the first such restaurant is claimed by the one located in Taipei, Taiwan. It is designed even more like an airplane cabin and is thus more crowded and cramped. Some of the food served in that restaurant actually comes in plastic trays. The A380 Restaurant is more spacious and luxurious.

Via: odditycentral, french.china

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