Unique Villa in Spain Changes Color Using LED Technology

A unique villa in Spain is actually a complex of three buildings. Its architecture and design are exclusive and unusual but the LED technology incorporated in the building catches the eye. The home in Son Vida is unique in many ways. The technology used innovatively allows the owner to change the color of the house whenever he or she wants. This is not just a unique villa in Spain but perhaps in entire Europe if not the entire world.

The complex with three buildings has the living areas in the main building. It has the standard library, wine cellars, bedrooms, and media room. The architecture and the layout are such that you never feel cramped for space. The second building is designed for leisure and other activities. It boasts of a pool, spa, and personal fitness center. The third building in the complex is guest house. It is separate and yet integrated with the main house so that everyone is easily accessible and yet no one curbs any ones privacy. It is a large house and taking a complete tour of the home might even qualify as a workout schedule.

It is a large house boasting of a total of eight bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms. The unique home has overall 26,000 square feet of living space. A highlight of the house is the stunning views it offers of the sea, Palma city and its port. The USP of the house and its main differentiator is the unique light effects. It is also called the chameleon villa because of the unusual light effects. Some very fine crystals with a special LED technology have been installed on the surface, which can be programmed changing colors as you wish.

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