Curvelle Quaranta is a Catamaran which is More Spacious than a Luxury Yacht

Curvelle has been in the business of making superyachts for long and their latest offering is the Curvelle Quaranta which is a catamaran. It has built a reputation for designing luxurious and efficient yachts. It is a relatively lighter vessel for its size and boasts of a maximum cruising speed of 25 knots. It is more like a two hull super luxury yacht and has been designed to offer flexible configuration for guest accommodation. You can create six double cabins or convert it into three suites. There are other configurations possible to match the needs of the guests on board.

The flexibility in accommodation configuration makes it suitable for yacht charter as it can be re-figured according to the size of the group hiring it. It has been a prestigious and ambitious project for Curvelle and they have spent over four years in developing this special vessel. You can’t really call it a green luxury yacht but it is definitely more efficient and hence leaves a measurably lighter carbon footprint. It is a carbon hybrid epoxy catamaran that makes it much lighter than a vessel of the same size. A mono hull yacht of the same length and width would be much heavier than the Quaranta.

The Curvelle Quaranta is about 111 feet long and that makes it the longest and the largest carbon hybrid composite power catamaran in the world. The unique construction of the catamaran gives it a major advantage. It can match the storage capacity of a mono hull luxury yacht that is nearly 30 feet longer. The ship builders explained that the additional beam makes it possible to create a four deck structure and as a result the vessel is able to provide almost 50% more space for storage when compared to a yacht of the same shape and size. The materials used for its construction also make it much lighter than a single hull ship of the same length and width.

If you design a mono hull yacht of similar length and width it will not be feasible to construct a four deck structure. It would ideally have maximum of three decks only, restricting the total space available when compared to the Curvelle Quaranta. The luxurious catamaran is not simply spacious but technological very sound. The superyacht which is capable of transatlantic journeys has been certified by both MCA and RINA. The yacht, or should we say the catamaran is in full production in Turkey and the ship builders have planned a very competitive introductory price for the sleek vessel. It is expected that the price will be well below 10 million Euros. Luuk V. van Zanten, developer and marketing director of Curvelle is very excited and equally confident about the new vessel. In a way it is really good value for money as its price will be approximately half of the average price of a mono hull vessel of similar volume and performance. It is understandable that you must be very curious about the Curvelle Quaranta and would like to know more about it. You may visit for more information about the catamaran.

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