Jarre Introduces AeroPad Two Docking Speaker with a Bamboo Body

Apple and its popular products have inspired many a designers to come up with all kinds of designer docking. Jarre has now released AeroPad Two designed specifically for your iPad, iPhone and iPod. It is also in the same line as the custom made AeroDream One and AeroSystem One by Lalique. However, the AeroPad Two is different in the sense that it uses natural materials and would appeal more to the nature lovers amongst us. Its horizontal body is crafted out of bamboo and has been designed to enhance your room interiors. It is no doubt a utilitarian product but it also has decorative value.

Priced at $926, it is not amongst the most expensive docking stations as it is aimed at a larger group of consumers. Apart from its utility, its aesthetic appeal will attract a larger group of customers. And bamboo has become a popular material in the luxury segment. It is natural and versatile and adaptable to application of much creativity. The natural material makes it convenient for further customization at your end. You could etch new designs on the bamboo body of the dock or simply paint on it to infuse more life into it. However, there is a black and chrome edition also available which appears to be more chic.

The dock with a natural look boasts of all the superior technical features. It has a 30 pin docking port along with an auxiliary input slot for a 3.5mm jack. The sound output system features four speakers, each of them having a 30W RMS. The sound system is backed by a subwoofer of 80W RMS. A whole range of devices can be integrated to the system through the USB port. WMA, AIFF, WAVE and MP3 can all be integrated for some great sound output. The device with a natural look is sure to feature in many a shopping list this summer.

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