Asprey to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a Crown and some Tea

London’ abuzz with the upcoming diamond jubilee celebrations. Come June 2nd and the Queen will have completed six decades of rule. We’ve already reported on how the Queen’s diamond jubilee will be celebrated in style. All of London’s super luxurious hotels have released packages that promise a royal treat, which includes everything from high teas to sumptuous luncheons. Royal milestones such an expensive chess set and the world’s most expensive whisky bottle (costing a staggering $200,000) have been created to commemorate Her Majesty’s momentous reign. The chess set has been designed by Studio Anne Carlton in association with the St. George’s Chapel at the Windosr Castle. The pawns on the chess set are hand painted figurines of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. While the world’s most expensive diamond jubilee whisky has been launched by the Johnnie Walker unit of the Diageo PLC.

Well, if that was not enough Asprey, the Royal Jewelers, have also jumped on the celebration bandwagon by re-creating a remarkable piece of British Monarchical history – the Queen’s diamond diadem. They will then celebrate the occasion over a cup of royal jewelled high tea.

Read on if you want more insights of the royal merriment and intend to be a part of this celebratory carousal.

The Queen’s Diadem

The Royal diadem which the Queen inherited from King George IV and wore it during her coronation procession in 1953 has been re-created by Asprey, the British firm who were awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1862, in collaboration with Chris Levine, who has earlier created a royal portrait of the Queen titled “Equanimity”. The 3D crown which has been incorporated with 1000 white diamonds will be displayed next month at the Asprey’s London flagship store on New Bond Street. Paddy Byng, Asprey’s Managing Director, has said that it is because of Chris’s modern work that this crown will become  a 21st century piece.

It took the royal jeweller and the artist a year to complete this project which they have titled “The Diamond Queen”. Paddy while speaking about the project also noted, “We are one of this country’s oldest luxury brands and we wanted to do something with a broad appeal which would celebrate this iconic woman and hopefully become iconic in and of itself.”

The proceeds from this show, which will be held in London from 28nd May-27th June, will be donated to two of the Queen’s charitable organisations, the Woodland Trust and the QEST. The funds will be generated through sealed offers in the month of June.

Tea for the Queen

The Queen’s royal diadem will be celebrated with a high tea. For this occasion Asprey has teamed up with London’s Langham Hotel. The elaborate menu has drawn inspiration from some of Asprey’s famous jewellery designs and collections. Cherish Finden, Langham’s award winning star chef prepared the delicacies which include items such as a smoked duck, Cornish crab with cucumber and shisho along with blueberry Battenburg and purple jasmine with apricot and a praline truffle for those with a sweet tooth. The signature purple colour appears prominently on this royal menu meant for the Queen’s eyes only.


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