Asia’s first Legoland in Malaysia

Legoland, a chain of Lego theme parks dedicated to the popular children’s building play bricks, is all set to make a foray in Asia. Owned and operated by the Britain based theme park company, Merlin entertainment the Legoland theme park will open shortly in Malaysia. After making a mark around the world (read: Denmark, Germany and the United States), Legoland is all set for a September opening, which is apparently ahead of its schedule. The Legoland hotel located in close proximity to the park will also be inaugurated in 2014.

The Legoland theme parks are marketed in such a way that they target only young families and children. There are no monstrous roller coasters to scare away little girls and boys. The emphasis is mostly on gentle rides that best suit younger children. Besides the rides, the Legoland theme parks offer a plethora of activities for its young visitors. The park is divided into several areas. A Lego Miniland which is a village with landmarks and scenes from around the world is common in all the four theme parks. The theme of all the rides is Lego based thus giving the visitor the impression that they hae been built by Lego bricks. Other attractions include the Lego Mindstorm, a fun based learning activity. Gardens and parks are also spread across the theme parks.

The Legoland Theme Park and Hotel, Malaysia

Located in the Southern Johar state of Malaysia, the Legoland boasts of some very exciting attractions. The Park is 75% ready and features more than 40 roller coasters and race cars along with several other thrilling activities. A whopping 35,000 passes have already been sold declared Siegfried Boerst, the General Manager of Legoland Malaysia. He also stated that more than 50 million bricks were used to make the Legoland models. Starting next month the models will be installed by the contractors of the park. Shows and displays featuring the Danish toy bricks will be found galore in the theme park.

The park has already generated a lot of excitement in neighboring Singapore where one-third of the park’s passes have already been sold. Singapore also inaugurated South East Asia’s first Universal Studios entertainment complex in 2010. The Legoland Malaysia theme park and hotel, say its developers, will only complement the Universal Studious entertainment complex and will not make any attempts to compete with them.

The 31 hectare park is situated in Iskandar Malaysia, the country’s chief economic hub that intends to open more theme parks in the future. It is estimated that the park will have over one million visitors in its year of opening.

The Legoland hotel, the ground work for which has already begun, will also open in 2014. The hotel will be built with conventional building material and “it will bring Lego to life with imaginative theming and a host of child friendly features from low counters in the restaurant to treasure chests full of Lego in the bedrooms,” stated Merlin entertainment groups and LL theme hotels. The hotel intends to host guests from around the world.

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