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Owning a private jet today is not that big a deal today. From millionaires to billionaires and sports personalities all have a private jet to fly them around the world. Well, only owning a private jet will not add to your oomph factor. For in this world obsessed with style and luxury, what matters is not the number of jets you have in your backyard but whether it has the interiors to die for.

The sale of private jets has increased in China immensely over the years. The countries fast moving economy has bolstered the spirit of its entrepreneurs and rich Chinese buyers are not shying away from making massive investments. However, what has followed this recent boom in the aviation industry is the mushrooming of interior designer companies that are vying for the attention of the rich and affluent Chinese buyer. International interior design companies are also meeting the demand of private jet owners to customize their jets.

Luxurious Interiors for your Wings

It was Gui Lihui, section manager of Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corpse, a Beijing based company that provides maintenance, repair and components installation for aircrafts, who first conducted a thorough research on the increasing demand for luxurious interiors in a private jet. At the recently concluded Asian Business Aviation conference in Shanghai, Gui Lihui interacted with several companies that provide private jet owners with fine interiors for their aircrafts.

He was surprised to know that not only China based companies but also international firms such as Talcao Aviation, Aeria Lxury Aviation, both of which are from the United States and the Italian firm Delta Interior Design have established themselves in the Chinese markets and are vying for the attention of the rich Chinese buyer.  Gui then approached Talcao Aviation to get an understanding of this rapidly developing market. Talcao Aviation that provide custom carpets and leather seatings to private jet owners set up a small branch in Honk Kong. This they were encouraged to do after the number of orders from this glittering city propelled states Yong Keng Kum, director of business development of Talcao Aviation. Yong did not reveal their sale statistics but he did mention that in a year they have catered to more than ten clients by providing them with leather seating and customized carpets.

Matteo Bulleti, of the Delta Interior Design Company also actively participated in the conference. Taken aback by the increasing demand for interiors in a private jet, Bulleti is now keen to establish a base in this vibrant market. They do not as yet have a branch in Shanghai but they have appointed an agent who secures contracts for them and is also acquainting them with the local culture and how they can meet the demands of the rich Chinese buyer. Bulleti disclosed that they have been approached by several companies and are in the middle of sealing a deal with some of the buyers.

Another big fish in the market is a division of the US based ST Engineering. Known as the Singapore Technologies Aerospace they have launched a new brand called the Aeria Luxury Interiors. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas they focus on the “VIP completion and refurbishment for Boeing and Airbus airframes,” says Cai Huiyin, senior executive corporate communications of the company.

The rich Chinese buyer, whose numbers have increased in the recent years, are splurging on the interiors of their private jest like how they would do for their facny cars. Their jets now boast of everything from a Jacuzzi to iPads and bars and mini theatre systems. Refurbishing a private jet however is an expensive investment only a carpet installation for large sized cabin costs $30,000. But the whopping price tag is definitely not a deterrent  for the Chinese who will do anything to fly in style.

Via Europe Chinadaily

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