Eventup, LA based Startup Makes it Possible to Rent a Celebrity Home for a Party

Eventup is a new startup based in LA that is providing an invaluable service of connecting people who are looking for a suitable venue for their high profile parties and owners who have properties that is not in regular use. It is a win-win situation for both parties as one gets the perfect venue and the other gets to earn s decent rent for a vacant property. It is an online platform that functions like a marketplace for venue booking and listing. The property owners can place their house into the rental pool with their asking price. It has already created a buzz by providing access to some great and unique spaces like celebrity homes, luxury beach house, mansions and lofts. There are properties listed on the site that have an association with popular stars and celebrities. It adds to the value of the venue and makes it more exciting and appropriate for a party.

It is a hassle free way of looking for an exciting venue and more importantly it has made unattainable properties attainable. If you go through the listings you will be surprised by the choices available. Entourage estate where Vince and boys lived a cool life is one of the most exciting venues available on Eventup. Hepburn’s old townhouse, and the pop-icon Lady Gaga’s former one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side, NY are some of the other venues that have great appeal for people looking for exclusive venues. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t even know how to go about approaching a celebrity or a star and ask them if you could rent their property for a day. There are hundreds of such properties available in varying price range at Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. A Metropolitan Condo located in midtown south central, New York is available for just $164 per day where as Hepburn’s super-exclusive old townhouse in New York along with the garden is available on a price of $25,000 per day. There is something available to suit every budget.

A penthouse in the Trump SoHo, Hudson Square, NY is also available on a rent of $12,500 a day. The panoramic views from the penthouse’s floor to ceiling windows are simply stunning. The Mrs. Doubtfire house is another iconic property where the movie by the same name was filmed. It is also listed on Eventup for an asking price of $5,000 per day. Another interesting venue is a Hollywood castle which seems to be inspired by a horror movie and comes complete with a faux moat. The property is available for hire for $1,000 per day. Eric Clapton’s Venice pad could have great value for his fans and is available for $5,000 per day. Several real estate agents are using the site to drive traffic to properties for sale. It doesn’t hurt as it increases the choice available on the site. Do visit the site as the prices listed are negotiable. However the renter would be responsible to take care of insurance issues and also pay the cleaning fees.

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