Richard Nicoll Introduces Cell Charging Bag in London Fashion Week

It is difficult to imagine what we would do without our cell phones. We do get stuck at times with a discharged cell and no option of charging it. Many designers incorporate cell charging docks in unrelated products to make it attractive to the consumer and highlight it as an additional feature. We now have a hi-tech purse that ensures your cell phone remains fully charged all day. Vodafone is regularly taking up charging ventures and they have this time partnered with designer Richard Nicoll to create a ladies hand bag that can keep you cell phone always charged up. The bag was formally introduced at the London Fashion Week.

It is a path breaking design that is sure to appeal to always on the go girls. It will definitely make it to the list of gift ideas for geeky girl. And frankly it makes more sense than the beer cooler handbag. Vodafone has worked with Richard earlier also to develop a product that fuses fashion and technology. They had got together last summer itself but the bag has come out now. The carryall bag can charge iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. The only downside of the bag is that it needs to be charged before it can charge the other devices. The bag is charged through an inductive cable that attaches to its exterior. Once the bag is fully charged it can charge the other devices charged for two days at least.

The bag doesn’t look like a hi-tech bag and the process of charging is rather simple. You simply plug your phone into a tiny pocket inside the bag. While your phone is being charged the user is alerted about the incoming calls through a Bluetooth enabled LED charm hanging outside the bag. Nicoll feels that this bag is the highlight of his collection this season as it embodies the notion of work and all its contemporary facets. The experts at the Fashion Week were impressed by the bag as the phones are in constant use these days particularly with increased tweeting by the high fliers in the fashion world. The bag which is part of the ‘Modern Times’ line by Richard Nicoll and made by leather goods giants Tusling. The socket in the bag bears a Vodafone logo. The price of the bag hasn’t been declared as yet.

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