Arizona’s Miraval Resort & Spa Unveils Its Own Healthy Cookbook

People assume that the healthy food is tasteless and bland. However, nobody would pass any remarks if you present healthy stuff with a little trick by adding spices and herbs. Internatonally renowned Miraval’s success depends on the fact that healthy food also tastes good. At Tucson, Arizona Miraval Resort & Spa has recently published a cookbook of healthy cuisine. The Mindful Eating cookbook is slated to launch in May, which could be preordered for a discounted price of $23 before May.

The fundamental techniques make it easy to cook recipes which serve as outstanding road maps to health. Though you may not be sure of end results it will be fun to use in the kitchen. The dishes and drinks from book titled Mindful Eating are the representation of Miraval style. The 300-page book is a tool for two hundred recipes which offer excellent choices and improved understanding of cooking practices, ingredients and measurements. The book is written under the guidance of Chef Chad Luethje and teams of nutrition, beverage and culinary of Miraval.

President, Michael G. Tompkins of Miraval Resort is thrilled to release the much awaited cookbook, which emphasises on better life, wellness and diet with healthful delicious cuisine and cocktails in everyday lives. The book offers various healthy options from deserts to cocktails and from breakfast to dinner. In the beginning several pages deals with cooking tips, equipments and store room shopping list. The recipes by Luethje are a collection of best recipes of Miraval resort. Shrimp and Mango Ceviche of Miraval is colourful and bright, tasty summer time dish with an appeal to eyes.

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