Mercedes Benz Positions its Viano as a Chauffeured Vehicle at Auto China 2012

China’s growing importance as a market is not lost on any one. It is not the world’s biggest luxury marketplace as yet but if you go by the trends it is evident that it will be the biggest market sooner than later. All global brands have focused marketing programs for the Chinese markets and even products are being designed to suit the tastes and preferences of the rich Chinese consumer. The Auto China 2012 that has just opened is no exception. The luxury automobiles on display represent the bespoke or the limited edition exclusivity. The Super SUV is a global trend and the auto show 2012 has several of them. Automobile is basically a means of transport but beyond a point luxury automobiles becomes a status symbol. Mercedes Benz is targeting the people with new found wealth who want to project their new found status. They have crafted the Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond to create a luxury van positioned as a chauffeured vehicle.

The Attraction of the Chinese Market

The large customer base in Chine is attracting all the marketers. The country has 125 cities with population of a million or more. In the past decade or more it has become the manufacturing hub for the entire world. The economies of scale they achieve has compelled every major brand to shift all or part of their manufacturing to China. This process has created extraordinary wealth across the country and more and more people are turning into billionaires and millionaires who demand the best products and services from all over the world. Mercedes Viano caters to this customer base. The exterior has several high quality elements like the paint and gold pin-striping and the words Mercedes-Benz emblazoned in gold. It is obvious that it is not a simple delivery van but a luxury automobile. However, it is the interior that takes your breath away. It has a flexible design and can be transformed from a business setting to a comfortable relaxation space or vice versa at the touch of a button. The Auto China 2012 has several examples of vario-chromatic technology in the window and roof glass to control the sunlight. The Mercedes Viano comes with their own version of variable glass called the Magic Sky Control system, which enables passengers to change the interior lighting conditions.

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond           

The interior color scheme is black and white. The chauffeur’s area is completely black in color and the passenger compartment is entirely in porcelain white, from the carpet and the seats to the safety belts and the ceiling. There is a glass partition between the chauffeur and the passenger compartment to ensure complete privacy. The seats are specially designed and have heating, cooling, and massage features incorporated in them. There are calf benches and footrests for additional comfort. There are cup holders and Champagne glass holders in between seats. The side paneling has five bottle holders as well. Eight diamonds have been set on the interior trim as eight is considered the lucky number by the Chinese. All the devices in the vehicle can be controlled through applications in your iPad2 or iPhone 4. Passengers can communicate with the driver through an intercom. The auto show 2012 has an exciting range of truly luxurious automobiles.

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