Brew Cave Offers a Beery Escape from Summer

It is a known fact that beverages should be preserved in underground caves to chill and preserve. So beer caves are new modern option to preserve the products with refrigeration. U.S. Cooler displays its latest brew cave which is an ideal solution for storing your beverages which would be the talk of your town. Brew Cave of the U.S. Cooler offers abundant space for cold beverages, soda or beer ready to drink. The panels with 4 inch insulation cord between an inner and outer black galvanized finish, which run floor to ceiling, keep the beer cold. Its locking system can be operated from inside so that you need not worry about being trapped inside. BrewCave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator  is a must to run business successfully in bars, hotels restaurants, clubs, and country clubs.

The Brew Cave with its built in tap on the front door can be connected to a keg and pumping system. The priceless entertainment device comes in one package with beer dispensing system, shelving for more cold storage space and refrigeration with many more added features. You can install in any location like a man cave, a man basement, a man house, etc. The Brew Cave looks like a giant fridge which accommodates 4 kegs and thirty cases of beer.

You can enjoy your drink without being interrupted by your guests while you throw a large noisy party. Walk-in can be shipped which can be quickly and easily assembled. It could be yours for $6,350-$6,750 excluding shipping and tax where flooring is optional which costs $400.

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