Moynat Malletier Luxury Trunk for an Extravagant Breakfast

When was the last time you enjoyed breakfast in peace? Don’t scratch your head too much for we all know that you’ve not really had the time to even think about your most important meal of day. Getting to work on time and other hustle bustles is reason enough to ignore those very yummy bacon and eggs on your dining table. And since you have so very well adjusted to not having breakfast, making it an on the go meal even when you are traveling has become very common. Well, Moynat Malletier, the Groupe Arnault owned heritage trunks and goods company, will not let that happen.  Their new Luxury Trunk promises to offer you the most sumptuous breakfast, thus, very rightly, making it the most important meal of your day. Available in few selected luxury hotels around the world, this epicurean trunk pops open a gastronomic world which will douse you in ecstasy.  Yannick Alleno, the Head Chef of Le Meurice, and his magical luxury trunk will wheedle your taste buds for sure!

A Trunk for Breakfast

The Moynat  Malletier Luxury Trunk is definitely not the first premium trunk that the elite world has seen.  The Martel Trunk and the T.T. Mall Mini Bar have made quite a name for themselves. But the Moynat Luxury Trunk offers you more than just snacks and beverages. While giving you a wholesome eating experience it will also enthral you with its very elegant and aesthetic design. Built in birch wood to prevent any damage, the trunk took about a year to complete. A huge place at the back of the trunk ensures that all the food stuff can be stored in plenty.

Designer dishes and napkins also by Moynat Malletier adorn the trunk.  While your breakfast is getting ready the parmesan and truffle graters in the trunk are used by the chef generously. Juice or coffee is served in the lovely carafes which also comes with the trunk. Omelettes, Pan Cakes, Bacons, Sausages, Waffles are all cooked in style on a designer pan and a gold gas burner. If that was not enough then here’s more – Yannick Alleno, the Head Chef of Le Meurice, together with this custom designed luxury trunk will create for you the most enticing breakfast of all time.

News is that very soon Yannick Alleno will check in with his Moynat  Malletier Luxury Trunk at luxury hotels such as the Shangri-La in Beijing and the Royal Mansour in Marrakech.  Make your reservations quick and soon and don’t let anything deter you from enjoying the most exclusive and the most indulgent breakfast of your life!


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