Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seoul Offering Luxury Anti Ageing Meditel Tours to Rich Chinese

China seems to be manufacturing millionaires and billionaires at a fast pace. The huge disposable income they have is being spent mostly on traditional Chinese art, business jets or in sporting luxury brands. They are increasingly opting for luxury vacations and are traveling around the world. A new and distinct trend that has emerged recently is being called by the Chinese media ‘meditel,’ a combination of medical services and a hotel offering treatment, accommodation and rest. South Korea seems to have emerged as the preferred destination this segment of tourism.

An exclusive charter flight is being organized for 180 high-income Chinese who would be spending $88,000 on an “Anti-Aging” tour at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seoul. The package devised by a leading Chinese travel agency includes shopping, sightseeing and plastic surgery and is scheduled for the end of this month. This is the first charter flight package for a meditel tour and has almost been sold out. The treatments would be provided by the Possom Prestige which is an anti-aging clinic and spa located inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seoul.

Possom Prestige offers a range of anti ageing programs that cost anything between $440 and $87,680. They also have other programs that offer physical check-up, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and skin care. These services are more expensive and cost over $43,800. A ‘full package program’ of 8-nights at a Ritz-Carlton suite includes a stem cell treatment ranging from $8,768 to $43,800 along with provision of nutritional supplements for six months. In South Korea the trend of medical tourism is on an upswing and now medical clinics are being opened inside luxury hotels itself. These clinics offer exclusive medical services without any administrative bottlenecks. Ritz Carlton is the latest to join the bandwagon. It has 375 breathtaking guest rooms and 47 elegant suites along with award-winning cuisine for the discerning international travelers.

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