Millennium House Publishes World’s Largest Atlas

Millennium House, the Australia based publishing giant, have come out with a masterpiece. Published and released in February, Earth Platinum edition is a gigantic atlas that comes with a price tag of $100,000. Printed in Italy and bound in Hong Kong, it is the world’s largest atlas. Only 31 copies of this enormous book have been put for sale. Collectors, esteemed and reputed institutions, libraries and repositories will all want to acquire this piece of history. It is reported that a few copies have already been ordered by customers in Middle East.  The Atlea Gallery in London’s Mayfair has also put up one copy for sale.

Gordon Cheers, the man behind the world’s largest atlas, has now given serious competition to the Klencke atlas, which had been the world’s largest atlas until now. The Klencke atlas, which was on display at the British library in May 2010, was gifted to Charles II by a group of Dutch mercenaries on the occasion of his Restoration in 1660. Prior to the release of Earth Platinum, Millennium House had also published the popular but smaller editions namely the Earth Blue and Earth Gold. The world’s largest atlas, besides being known for its size and price is also the most detailed atlas. The information available in it is vast and features locations of ship wrecks.

The size of this Magnum Opus

Weighing 150 kg, this is over 300 lb, the atlas measures 6ft × 4 ½ feet and stands taller than an average person.  The world’s largest atlas contains 128 pages of maps, flags and innumerable panoramic pictures. It requires a couple of skilled page turners to turn its massive pages. It is for, obvious reasons, not the kind of book which will settle on your study tables or book shelves. The atlas requires a convoy of people to carry it around and once placed, it will become a permanent fixture. The atlas will perhaps become a unique and gigantic item displayed at a museum or a library.

The people behind the World’s Largest Atlas

It took 88 cartographers, 24 photographers and a huge team of computer scientists, artists, geographers and photographers almost 4 years to produce this very special edition and exquisite wonder. Each and every step of production perhaps would have been very exacting as well as challenging and adventurous for the people who have created the world’s largest atlas. To get the book printed was however an arduous task for them since the publishers wanted the ‘perfect printer’ for the atlas. News is, after conducting a worldwide selection process, a publisher in Milan was shortlisted for the work.

Despite being a colossal creation, Earth Platinum has not yet grabbed the attention of the common people. The publishing house has also not disclosed whether an electronic version of the atlas will be made available. However, over a period of time Earth Platinum will make a mark for itself.

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