IconoCard Launches Three Lines of Exclusive Luxury Business Cards

It is said that the first impression is often the last impression. So it is very important that you make a good impression the very first time. Luxury attracts instant attention and helps make an exclusive impression. That’s why the business cards have gone luxury in order to make an impactful first impression. The business leaders heading global conglomerates have encouraged this trend as they want to create an exclusive and lasting impression. The Cardissimo’s carbon fiber business cards and cases was highly appreciated by the discerning business leaders. The Black Astrum business cards studded with diamonds and the custom-made Mitsubishi Materials Fine gold card had taken the exclusivity of a business card to another level.

IconoCard has developed into a serious and significant player in the field of luxury cards has launched its limited collector’s edition Gold Card along with the three new lines of luxury names cards; Lavagna, Pelle and Elevato. The style of the three lines is more or less the same but the finish is entirely different. All the lines display the signature of the owner on the front and the contact information are displayed on the back. The shiny rendition of the signature is eye catching but takes almost twenty hours of a master craftsman’ s hand labor to create. But the results are captivating and inspire conversation. It is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The first line which is called Lavagna has a travertine stone-like appearance. It has a luxurious and an elegant feel. However it is subtle and makes you curious about the design and the craftsmanship behind it. The second line of Pelle cards has a leather like appearance. They look rather bold and look like naturally aged leather. These cards are made from some of the finest handmade paper imported from Nepal. Elevanto is the top line amongst the tree released. This line from IconoCard almost looks like jewelry. Once you touch it you realize how fine the paper used to make the card is. The exclusive card comes in various colors including gold, lavender, and platinum blue. These new line of exclusive luxury cards from IconoCard will cost you $4.12.

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