1961 Yankee Stadium 1/8th Scale Model Available For $115,000

For all you die-hard baseball fans out there, one of the most renowned retailer and mail dealer in the U.S, Hammacher Schlemmer has now announced the introduction of perhaps one of the most endearing baseball memorabilia. We are talking about a 1/8th scale model of the immensely famous 1961 Yankee Stadium, which believe it or not, carries a price tag of a whopping $115,000. The legendary 1961 Yankee Stadium made headlines the same year, when the fabled baseball team New York Yankees claimed their 26th American League pennant and finished the 1961 season with a record score of 109-53. This expensive Yankee Stadium replica has been designed and developed with absolute attention to detail, while being entirely hand crafted. Made by  artist Steve Wolf and hand painted as well, the 1961 Yankee Stadium replica is one of his latest creations, while numerous other stadium models crafted by him are known to grace the Los Angeles Sports Museum.

The 1961 Yankee Stadium took an astounding 3,000 hours to complete and the model itself measures a mere 49 square inch. To ensure spot on authenticity, the artist made use of original blueprints and photographs of the era, thereby ensuring that each and every aspect of the Yankee Stadium model measures exactly 1 inch. The scale model stadium is composed of nearly 10,000 individual parts that are handmade, while many of them are also laser cut from wood, polycarbon plastic, brass and aluminum. Each and every detail of the stadium from the exterior to the interior has been carefully crafted, while the mode also showcases the triple deck grandstand and Art Deco frieze. Furthermore, to add more luster to this magnificent masterpiece, Mr. Wolf has made use of up to 250 LED bulbs that make up the model stadium’s six light banks and provide dazzling illumination to all 64,000 seats. There are 1960s era advertisements of Yoo-Hoo and Ballantine Beer & Ale carefully created on the stadium walls and  the illuminated scoreboard.

Via Coolest-Gadgets & Hammacher Schlemmer

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