IFA 2012: Samsung To Announce An All New Samsung Super Luxury TV

One of the biggest manufacturers of high definition televisions, South Korea based Samsung Electronics has announced that at the upcoming IFA 2012, the company will unveil its ambitious plans of a super luxury television. Though there haven’t been details disclosed by Samsung in regards to this mystery luxury television, yet the company has stated that the new TV will be at the very top of the company’s high end television portfolio. This super luxury TV is expected to become the highlight of IFA 2011, which is to take place from 31st August to 5th September 2012 in Berlin, Germany. This remarkable announcement acts as a testament to the increasing demand of the smarter and more luxurious television nowadays. A plethora of HDTVs that can easily be used with the Internet has already dotted luxury markets worldwide, with players such as the likes of Panasonic, Sony etc. vying to get their share of the highly lucrative luxury TV market.

Take for example the extremely popular Samsung ES8000 LED, which is widely regarded as a perfect amalgamation of a luxury and a smart TV. This magnificent HDTV is the first ever LED TV to feature a powerful dual core processor that enables you carry out  multitasking on the ES8000 efficiently. Furthermore, as this luxury LED TV is Internet capable, the users can easily download dedicated applications such as content streaming services, social networking and even current events. There is also present an integrated camera in the ES8000 that enables video calling via Skype application, directly from the TV itself. To ensure that the Samsung ES8000 adheres to the most state of the technology, Samsung has given this magnificent television with support for will support voice and gesture activated commands. Also, the on-board camera is powered by a facial recognition system that immediately identifies the view and as per his/her profile, brings up the applications favorite channel lists and recordings.


Via Ubergizmo & Pocket Lint

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