Eden Motel, Taiwan Boasts Of A Batman Inspired Room With A Batmobile

The Cape Crusader and even known as the protector of Gotham City, Batman has for a long time been one of the most popular superheroes of all time. This phenomenon has gained further prominence with the huge success of Hollywood blockbuster, The Dark Knight. Now, the Batman saga has captured the imagination of Eden Motel, a luxury motel in Taiwan that has recently unveiled its latest offering in the form of a Batman room. The interiors of this luxury suite have been designed with immense focus on the aesthetics of the Batcave, along with the trademark Batman logo. Located in Kaonhsiung City, Taiwan, this incredible Eden Motel Batman room is a definite must for any Batman fan, as well as for the discerning travelers who are always on the lookout for something unique. However, the star attraction of the Batman motel room is unarguably the presence of a life size Batmobile that has been given numerous Batman logos all done in the signature black and yellow colors.

The Batmobile itself has been designed as an imitation of the futuristic looking Batmobile showcased in the latest Batman trilogy, which started off with the blockbuster Batman Begins and is now awaiting the release of its third installment, which is the highly awaited ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. For those of you interested in this one of a kind fabulous motel room, the Eden Motel is renting the room on an hourly basis, where in the motel charges $50 for a three hour stay. Considering the immense rates of the rooms of other luxury motels and the fascinating portrayal of Batman, this price seems to be a bargain.


Via Eden Motel


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