Three Spirits: A Futuristic Floating Luxury Hotel Concept

One of the most renowned architects in the world, Filip Fortunat Kurzewski, has now unveiled his latest creation in the concept of a majestic floating luxury hotel concept called, ‘Three Spirits’. The concept has been designed to portray the ultimate water getaway for the discerning travelers, who besides the peace of mind are also looking for something unique and intensely memorable. This is where Three Spirits come into play, which has been conceived as water tourism destination that also serves as a luxury hospitality location. The Three Spirits was inspired by the artist’s very own diving experiences, couples with a plethora of drawings and painting studies. Unlike conventional designing, Mr. Kurzewski drew all the aspects of the luxury water hotel by hand on paper, thereby giving this unique concept  very personal touch.

The entire Three Spirits projects calls for the coming together of three ships that will assume the role of ship hotels and when joined together, will form a one of a kind luxury hotel. The concept so far has even been shown to naval architects, who have approved of its feasibility. All three ships are envisioned to be powered by an diesel-electric propulsion system and all three ships will be developed to maintain 30 days’ worth of self-sufficiency. The first of the ships will offer the guests a water borne ballroom, while the second ship will boast of an on-board casino. The third ship will feature a massive entertainment space that will play host to numerous live performances, theater and film screenings, while the space will even be available for various other purposes. At the very joining point of the three ships, the Three Spirits will be able to offer its guests with a unique swimming pool that will not only be a one of a kind in design, but will also be quite safe.

For the guests who prefer an outdoor experience, the Three Spirits will offer bespoke underwater activities via its diving capsule, where in the guests will be able to enjoy scuba diving and deep sea exploration.


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