Hydrofloor Offers Innovative Solutions that can Transform your Pool

The price of real estate might not have touched the pre economic crisis peaks but it is still very high and we need to optimize the utilization of space in our house. In contemporary households a swimming pool has become a necessary luxury. According to the layout of the house you have to decide if an indoor or an outdoor pool is more appropriate. The only problem we face is that a swimming pool takes a lot of space that cannot be used for other purposes even when the pool is not in use. Hydrofloors® has developed very innovative systems that enable you to close, divide and cover your swimming area making it possible to put the area to alternative use. They have gone much beyond custom made pool covers.

Hydrofloors is a Belgium based firm that designs custom solutions for pools mostly in Europe. They have developed moveable floors, covered hatches and submersible booms to make your pool more versatile and capable of being used by different set of people for different things. They make vertically movable floors to help you manage the depth of your pool or completely close the pool, allowing you to use the surface area for other activities, such as additional entertainment space. You can also alter the depth of your pool to create a wading pool for the children. If you live in a Manhattan mansion with a swimming pool you must look at the options offered by Hydrofloor.

They also offer submersible Boom that helps you divide or partition the pool. The system is equally effective for both indoor and outdoor pool. You can create a deeper side for people who know how to swim well and make the other side shallow for the children or other activities. The covers provided by Hydrofloor are conveniently concealed within the floor of the pool and can be operated with a simple touch of a button. The hatch raises automatically and unfolds to completely cover the pool’s surface. It not only helps to keep the pool clean but also helps to reduce the heating costs in winter months. They design and manufacture everything themselves so that you are assured of the best quality. Even if you are not in Europe you can visit their site Hydrofloors.be so that they can offer you the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your pool.

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