BMW Introduces An All New Bike Collection For 2012

One of the foremost names in field of luxury cars, Germany based BMW has now announced the introduction of its latest line of bikes for 2012. The entire collection has been made possible after the success achieved by last year’s collection. The BMW 2012 Bikes series consists of ten ergonomically designed bikes that are not only developed to provide off-road experience, but also for urban commuting in the legendary bespoke BMW style. The luxury marquee has also stated that these exclusive expensive luxury bikes will be available for purchase only through authorized BMW dealers and via the BMW online shopping store. The company has introduced the new bike series aiming at all segments of the economic curve, where in you can easily get your own 2012 BMW Bike for as low as $916 to as much as $4,458.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the models introduced in the 2012 BMW bike collection.

1.  BMW Mountain Bike Enduro 2012

Price: $4,458

Redesigning the popular BMW bike, Enduro, the company has now come up with a more refined version of this revered luxury bike in the form of the all new BMW Mountain Bike Enduro 2012. To ensure maximum performance, the 2012 Enduro has been incorporated with an improved frame and new state of the art tires. Furthermore, the bike has also been given individual adjustment features that were the signature elements of the previous version. The bike is crafted with a monocoque frame that has been complemented with two deeply set aluminum shells, thereby providing excellent off-road and uphill performance. Available in metallic black and metallic green colors, the 2012 Enduro carries price tag of a whopping $4,458 and weighs 14.8 kg.

2.  BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

Price: $3,603

Designed and developed as a practical urban bike, the all new BME M Bike Carbon Racer employs the highly revered BMW M lightweight technology to keep the bike as light as possible, with a total weight of just 7.4 kg. Sporting an all carbon frame, the BMW M Bike takes its inspiration from BMW M series cars and similar elements can even be found on the bike’s rims, grip tape and saddle inlay which carry the signature BMW M red color. The Tundra 2 saddle of this BMW luxury bike has been designed to provide the most comfortable ride to the riders, even when journeying across vast distances. Also present is a state of art Shimano Ultegra brake/shift system that enables the riders to conduct quick gearshifts even when the bike is fully loaded. The BMW M Bike Carbon Racer with its latest generation gear system and carbon frame is ideal for both conventional roads as well as off road terrain. The BMW M Bike is available in Carbon color and comes with a hefty price tag of $3,603.

3.  BMW Cruise Bike

Price: $915

For those of us, who most certainly will have reservations about spending a four figure sum on a bike, BMW has also introduced a more budget oriented luxury bike in the form of the all new BMW Cruise Bike. Despite the low price tag of a mere $915, the BMW Cruise Bike is pretty high on features and state of the art construction. This BMW luxury bike carries an all-aluminum frame along with state of the art hydroforming technology. One of the most astounding features of the Cruise Bike is the fact that the cables for the gears and brakes are made to run within the frame itself, thereby removing any overt presence. The BMW Cruise Bike features Shimano Alivio 27-speed derailleur system that provides excellent performance. The luxury bike weighs 13.9 kg and comes in green as well as in black colors.


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