Mineret Station in New Zealand Offers Exemplary Luxury Package

Fearless travelers can enjoy the recently launched Mineret Station, which is at 914 meters elevation and comes with a luxury tented accommodation in New Zealand. The property of 20,000-hectares has animals like cattle, sheep and deer and is a business run by family.

More about Minaret Station

The unique establishment offers deer harvesting and capturing them on camera by helicopter. Located in the heart of the Southern Alps with picturesque glacial valley Mineret station offers luxury camping in extreme isolation. The name Minaret Station is derived from Minaret Peaks in the uninhabited area in its natural condition. It is only accessible by helicopter, which is bound by the largest Kiwi Lake Wanaka, Mount Aspiring National Park, and two large rivers. The luxury tented camp  is the first of its kind in New Zealand. The exiting package will engage you in adventurous activities which you might not have experienced earlier. The luxury camping will be very different with an overwhelming feeling of admiration for picturesque views, unbelievable luxurious tents and delicious cuisine.


You could be dropped down on peaks with your own chopper or landed on snowfields to move along on skis, the spot in wilderness with fly-fishing would attract you with its adventurous nature of outside the glamping which is not a traditional campsite to enjoy relaxing. You would get ultimate experience from the mountain guides who offer a brief history of high country farming and also guide you in hiking to spot the cheeky kea birds, chamois and wild deers.
By helicopter you would discover further scenic tours of the region, and spend time fishing in rivers and choose one of the four luxury tent suites which are well furnished with wall to wall carpet of sheepskin. Tent suites are fascinating with the blend of warmth and light. King beds, hot tub and a private bath room with endless hot showers make it the perfect place to stay.  The ‘Mountain Kitchen’ area provides guests with yummy meals from a gastronomist chef either on terrace, or in dining room both offering spectacular views. There you could be delighted to have a library, comfy living room with open fires, private guides as well.

The visitors will be amused by the cheeky Keas bird’s put on vibrant colors displays in mountains and ski fields.  You will explore its mischievous behavior and the importance of the kea in the ecosystem of New Zealand. You could see the chamois and wild deer on the surrounding slopes. On the hillsides the tussock grass and native bush with peaks of the mountain serves as a great outdoors with which you would be thrilled to have your vacation. The breath taking beauty of the area gives a multi dimensional feel featuring tranquility, solitude and adventure.

The climatic conditions for travels and activities are incredibly enjoyable with the warm summers and cold winter months which are pleasant with blue and clear skies. But warmer November-April is ideal for exploration of outdoors. The colder June-august months are the best season for skiing. It is always a few degrees hotter on the northern island than the southern island.  The region is far from pollution with dry air. The tented suites for two cost $2900 a night.

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