Graffiti by Banksy Considered Serious Artwork Sells for $117,314

Art is an evolving creative form. Modern art has also seen much evolution with impressionism giving way to neo-colonialism. And now graffiti as a modern art form is not only gaining acceptance but popularity and art lovers and collectors are willing to invest in it. Two examples that come to mind straight away are the Zikmu Parrot Speakers and the Renta Bombardier Express Jet. They have in fact, created a benchmark for graffiti as a mainstream art form. The trend is definitely on an upswing and the testimony to the fact is the rising popularity of the British graffiti artist Banksy.

Banksy has become very popular amongst the high end art lovers. The celebrities also love his pure and simple urban art. It is evident because of the prices his works fetch at sales. His Girl with a balloon fetched as much as $117,314 at a recent sale. The collection of his work could earn as much as $400,000. Even the experts were taken aback by the amount people were willing to pay for his work. The final price was almost five times higher than the pre sales estimates made by the organizers of the sale. Apart from the Girl with a balloon there were 17 other pieces that went on sale. They all received bids higher than the estimates. The other prominent work by Banksy Love is in the Air which he made in 1975. The impact of the art form is great. The black and white medium has been used brilliantly to create a realistic impression. The use of shadow in a medium like graffiti is very impressive.

The other work which is equally famous is the Barcode and Leopard. The details and the craftsmanship of this work takes it to another class altogether. Art lovers acknowledge his genius for conveying such a strong message in such a simplistic manner. It will perhaps inspire the philosophers and art lovers to create a new term for this genre of work.

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