Marie Coquine Chandelier with 12 Lamps Dazzles Decor Enthusiasts

The unconventional light fixtures by Marie Coquine look stunning and complicated with an umbrella and chandelier stuck to it. Moreover, this is what makes it stand out from the rest. The highly noticeable piece is speared straight down the middle, and 12 lights are covered with crystals which surround the umbrella’s J shaped handle of chestnut wood. The umbrella is ivory color with soft lighting designs.

The Baccarat collection is created by famous designer Philippe Starck and named as Marie Coquine chandeliers, which gives classy and subtle experience with dazzling crystals of Baccrat which adorn the twelve lightings. It had made its debut in Milan at Salone. It is actually a floor lamp but steel camera stand with wheels is used with leather punching bag hanging at the other end to counter balance the 12 light Zenith chandeliers which will be suspended in mid air, is functional and imaginative. It was a limited edition of one hundred and twenty units last year. Here, Starck has emerged as the pioneer in designing exclusively for the elite and shares his ethical vision.

Usually experienced professionals maintain large chandeliers. Medium and small sized could be just dusted frequently in order to prevent major cleaning procedures.  Methylated spirits gives astounding result in cleaning but as they are highly flammable you should not clean around flames. You should not allow burning candles completely. The contact with a flame makes the crystal burst. It is always recommended non drip candles to use. The new Marie Coquine chandelier 12 lights are priced at $29,500.00 and $38,000.00


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