Profiling The Rich: Billionaires And Millionaires

A recent study revealed that America’s millionaire population grew by 200,000 in the year 2011. Incredible isn’t it?  The tribe of billionaires and millionaires is increasing rapidly. This finding appears even as the country struggles towards economic stability. This is the story all around the world. The middle and poorer classes may be struggling to make ends meet, but the top billionaires and millionaires are going from strength to strength. They are making headlines for numerous reasons – for increasing their net worth, doubling the stock holdings, moving jobs, even buying luxury property and private jets. And even while the rest of us eye their wealth with suspicion, there is no denying that we enjoy news of their success.

Pretty soon, we at will be launching a series on the biggest billionaires and the most prominent millionaires of the world. Each article in this series will feature one exceptionally rich individual. Our aim is to tell you everything there is to know about the featured person. The articles will include a detailed bio of the individual as well as highlight their high-end assets and possessions, whether real estate, mansions, supersize yachts, luxury cars, private jets, remote islands, submarines, artworks or collectibles and his luxurious lifestyle. We will also try to find out about their other interests – how they unwind, where they go for holidays and so on. Think of this as a one-stop destination where you can find out about the richest of the rich.

Why are we showcasing the richest people in the world? The answer is simple. People are always curious to know about the richest people in the world. People often ask, “Who is the richest person in the world?” There is a constant endeavor to know more about the wealthiest of the wealthy, the cream of society so to speak. We may not all be able to afford their extravagant lifestyles. We may not be able to own a massive superyacht like Roman Abramovich does. We may not be able to spend a million dollars on a single bathtub as F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone did. We may not be able to pledge millions for philanthropic purposes like Bill Gates. But we can gain vicarious pleasure from seeing how this fraction of the world population lives.

There is a common notion that the more the rich spend, the more benefits trickle down to the rest of the population. You could argue for and against the idea, but the fact is that affluent spending has spawned many businesses over the years, and especially in recent times. Reading about the top billionaires and celebrity millionaires of our times can provide inspiration to success-seekers. But it is also interesting to read about the way the other half lives.

Of course, the top billionaires and millionaires of our times constitute only a fraction of our population. Yet, despite their small numbers they influence a large section of the economy. They drive some of the biggest businesses in industries ranging from technology and media to energy, real estate, sports and more. They invest in startups and big business, offering a capital boost. The top richest people in the world influence our life in many different ways. Their extravagant ways offer considerable entertainment. Find out how the wealthiest people live their lives. Watch out for our upcoming series on top billionaires and celebrity millionaires.

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