Montegrappa Creates a Pen The Alchemist Inspired by the Novel by Paulo Coelho

Montegrappa was founded as the manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens in 1912 in the North Eastern part of Italy in the historic town of Bassano del Grappa. Over the last century they have created some of the most expensive pens. They are the first Italian pen manufacturer and their Italian heritage is evident in their craftsmanship and designs. Their creativity has been heightened as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. They have created a pen to commemorate the occasion. The unique thing about the design of the pen is that it has been inspired by a novel. In some sense the novel has been translated into this pen.

The pen called The Alchemist honors the great novel written by Paulo Coelho. The pen with a meaningful design was unveiled in Baselworld 2012. The design of the pen has imbibed the spiritual nature of the novel. The craftsmen at Montegrappa have used all the technique and skill at their command to encapsulate the various symbols embedded in the story. Wax technique of casting has been used to create the representation of sun and the moon on the cap of the pen. In order to convey the sense of alchemy actual pieces of the seven metals of alchemy have been incorporated in the pen including the chemical symbol of quicksilver.

The pocket clip of the pen is very unusual as it opens up like a cartographer’s drawing compass. There are many nuances in the design of the pen. Some of them are not very evident and you might discover them with subsequent study just like you do with the book. Coelho himself has contributed to the design of this pen. A limited edition run of only 1,987 pieces has been planned. This figure has been taken as the novel was first published in the year 1987.


The breakup of the total number is as follows – 71 pens will be made in solid gold to celebrate the 71 languages in which the novel was translated. 900 of them would be made in resin and silver and a further 1000 pens will be in sterling silver. The balance 16 will be really special version and will be produced in gold with diamond enhancements. The pen will create a new history in the art and craft of pen manufacturing.

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