Island (E) Motion Yacht Doubles Up as a Sustainable Luxury Living Space

Milena Cvijanovich and Dennis Muller have designed a concept yacht called Island (E) Motion. The concept of floating mega yacht from MCM design studio intends to create new luxury standards based on alternative energy solutions, advanced sustainable materials and green technologies for luxury floating residences. The design will have sixty percent of lesser carbon footprint than conventional yacht. The Island E Motion meets all the luxury residence amenities that you may wish to be in the midst of nature. You could have a brief look of the structure of Island E Motion at the Sustainable Fair of Paris, which will be held between March 29th and April 1st.

The residences on Island E Motion are a new kind of luxury living with wind and solar power utilization for the energy needed for daily activities as well as use the sophisticated system of water and waste management. The luxury residences feature amenities including dining room for twenty four people, lounge areas, bathroom, master suite and VIP suites with spas, guest suites with plunge pool, gym, massage room, home cinema, spa and hammam, library, indoor and outdoor bars. The Island E Motion also functions as a floating hotel, restaurant, nightclub, floating hospital, etc. The entire structure ensures ecological sustainability with modern designs, private garden and greenery.

The material used for construction and furniture are recyclable with less damaging effects on environment. Above the deck you take full advantage of sea, landscape and sun. Below the deck the space allows for indoor sports or theater, which is not possible in a conventional yacht. The important feature is its gyro stabilizer which controls the rough external conditions. Passengers inside the yacht don’t feel the instability of waters. The yacht depends on thermal and solar panels for power generation. Island (E) Motion can be regarded as a private destination resort. The Island Paradise Superyacht can be driven to exceptional locations worldwide.

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