Harrod’s Technology Department Unveils $950000 TV and More

This sensational 152 inches television set was developed by Panasonic and was unveiled at the Harrod’s new technology department and is the most extravagant and unique gadget ever produced globally. In 2010 the prototype of TH-152UX1W model was displayed at an Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The massive television weighs six hundred kilograms and is priced at $950,000 or £600,000. The gigantic screen has four times more pixels than the common HD screen with new technology of 4K2K with screen resolution of 4096 x 2160.

Visitors cannot go without noticing the advanced technology gadgets such as the limited edition Swarovski-encrusted BlackBerry smart phones, iPad, cameras, mobile phones and other collector’s items. The Harrods new department of technology was officially opened on Thursday and will promote itself with these exclusive items. Harrods is expecting customers to purchase a limited edition Blackberry Smartphone encrusted in Swarovski crystals.

The screen has the same size as nine 50 inches displays and are piled up in three rows. The set’s 17:9 ratio is the same as that of what’s used in cinema. The new department also sells Michel Jarre iPad, which is provided with a ladder and AeroDream One dock is eleven feet tall for iPad and come in eleven units. The Jean Michel Jarre iPad is priced at £300,000. Fujifilm’s X100 camera is limited to sixteen units will be sold as a black box kit. The department will sell X-Pro1 camera as a Globetrotter set which features additional kit and lenses at a cost of £5,695. Twelve cases are made with exclusivity of Harrods technology.

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