Harrods to Offer an Exclusive Package of White BlackBerry Bold 9900 with Swarovski Case

Harrods understands luxury and exclusivity very well. That’s the reason why they remained profitable and kept growing through the economic crisis. They have the network of designers and craftsmen who can come up with stunning designs and exclusive products which are produced in limited edition to maintain its exclusivity. The latest item that is creating a buzz amongst customers with a fat wallet is another BlackBerry exclusive. It is basically a limited edition white BlackBerry Bold 9900. The details about this custom offering have not been released as yet.

You may expect the device itself to be special and superior to the rest but what is super special about this offering is that it comes in an awesomely stylish box and in a sparkling Swarovski case. It is this case that makes the offering valuable and exclusive. It is much better to embellish the case and not the phone itself. The precious stone encrusted phones look very gaudy and are often not very comfortable to use. There are many designers who have experimented a lot by sticking crystals on phones or other gadgets.

The bedazzled Swarovski case has been created for people with specific tastes and who love to have crystal on everything they use. There are many amongst the rich who simply love crystals and that’s why you can safely say that there will be many takers for this dazzling case. Harrods is expected to retail it from their new Technology Floor. However, no specific date of launch has been announced as yet. In fact details about the pricing have also been withheld so far. But one thing is certain that this exclusive package will be very expensive and only the super rich will able to afford it.

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