Steeltec37 Creates First of a Series of Floating Homes in Lusatian Lake District

Netherlands being below sea level naturally has expertise in creating homes that can float. This expertise is put to good use to design homes on lake fronts that are even capable of moving in the water. By enlarging the scope of the concept people even ended up creating floating islands and to make it commercially viable converted it to a floating hotel. There has been some good work happening in Germany as well in this field. Steeltec37 has designed and built AR-CHE Aqua Floathome as a part of land and water housing development in the Lusatian Lake District.

It is an energy efficient design with the main structure built on aluminum and steel frame. It is the first home built in the district but a series of similar floating houses has been planned by Steeltec37. The German company is a specialist in steel design for modular buildings on both land and water. The development in the lake district is being called the Lausitz Resort which will comprise of nine modular land-based houses and twenty water-based homes. They will be built in different sizes ranging from 80 to 220 square meters. The homes built on aluminum and steel frame are placed on an unsinkable pontoon which can float on the lake and come back to the shore.

Every home in the planned complex will have its dedicated berthing place on the shore where it will have water supply, sewage and electric hookup. The roof of the homes will be curved in order to protect from the wind and weather. The façade of the homes have plenty of windows to let in ample of natural light and provide stunning views of the lake and the landscape.

Aluminum screens have been provided and they can be moved to shield the home from glare and overheating. The thermal insulation is of the highest order and an innovative air-vapor barrier membrane makes the home extremely energy efficient.

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