Lufthansa Announces Star Chefs for USA and Germany Route

Since many years, Lufthansa, the German-based airline has been nurturing an association with luxury hotels in international destinations. Top quality menus are served by local chefs under the ‘Star Chef’ logo. The concept of connoisseurs on board is shaped by the masters chefs of Lufthansa who provide superb in-flight service with a high quality of food. Recently, the airlines announced its partnership with hotel chain Mandarin Oriental as part of star chefs program to select menu for its first-class and business class. The award winning chefs are Joel Huff, Toni Robertson and Annie Hongkham who come from different locations like Miami, New York, and San Francisco respectively. These chefs have already designed their menu with dishes which include salads with exotic herbal and sprouts dressings, chutney, sauce and puree, tuna, chicken and noodles along with desserts etc., for business class and first class passengers. Star Chef Menus are served on flights from USA to Germany.

The airline inspires new Star Chefs to create entire menus allowing them to work for two months with them. The chef could discover new delicious recipes from within the star chef’s kitchen directly. The goal is to offer exclusive services for passengers during their journey and to make it enjoyable, refreshing and as relaxing as possible. First and business class passengers will witness German-born, Kimpel’s creative skill and enjoy various, exceptional quality creations on flights from Germany between March and April 2012. He is one of the top chefs with a Michelin star under his belt. He delights his guests often with sophisticated style of cooking.


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