Allochroous Wins Millennium Yacht Design Award 2012 in the Dream Boat Category

Millennium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) is the most prestigious award that is respected by the industry around the world. The 2012 awards have been announced after sorting out the deserving winners from a large number of entries. Every year, people look forward to seeing the winner in the Dream Boat category as it always honors a stunning and exotic design. This year the design that received the award in the category was inspired by nature. Called the Allochroous yacht it has been designed by Turkish designer Ezgi Aksan and Italian designer Ambra Ceronetti.

It looks like it has been designed for conducting a summer concert at sea. However, the highlight of the design is the incorporation of innovative technologies that enables the yacht to transform its body and color. That’s perhaps why the name Allochroous has been chosen for the yacht which means ‘Changing color’. Glass tiles have been used in the yacht which change color depending on the outside temperature, thus giving a new color to the yacht by day or by night. The yacht even changes its shape.

The yacht is unique and unusual in many ways. It is 40 meter long yacht design and features twin floating arms and a motorized torpedo. The hull of the yacht sits on the water when it is stationary but rises when it starts moving. The main concert floor on the yacht is flanked by a lounge area and a cocktail bar. Private bathrooms and kitchen facilities along with other services have been accommodated on the lower deck. The sustainable elements in the yacht are the recycled aluminum used in the base structure and the solar panels on the roof that will provide the required energy.

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